Let’s start by recognizing that all types of meditation are valid (more or less). From decades of research and personal experience we know that no one particular type is better than any other. They’re all just means to an end.

SHARE. If you want to share your meditation method or meditation technique, or your insight into what meditation can do, or something you’ve discovered that makes meditating easier, HERE is where to do it.

LEARN. If you have a question or concern about meditation, HERE is where you can raise it. Same if you want to learn about the meditation methods that others use. Be bold. Share what’s on your mind.

Above all else, though, Million Meditators is about motivating one another. It’s about finding what inspires or drives us, then sharing it. The easiest way to share is through our Facebook page. Have your say at any time. Then others can respond to it. If you prefer to share via the website, email us here.


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I wrote a syndicated newspaper column for a year. One year to the day.

During that time I interviewed a number of spiritual leaders, and even photographed them. However I considered that particular column was not the appropriate medium for these interviews. To this day I've never got around to writing them up. These never-published interviews include:

There are some revealing insights waiting to be written about. When Million Meditators gets to 500,000 followers, I will publish them. Spread the word.

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