Faith - it's running your life

Most past work and research has taken me into two, often-competing worlds: the spiritual and the secular. Both place great importance on faith.

No one will argue that the spiritual world often has faith in unseen, unobservable entities and forces. Yet we struggle to accept the fact that the secular world is also based on faith in unproven, unobservable things. You have faith that dinosaurs really did exist; you have faith that atoms exist, DNA exists, black holes exist, and the Big Bang took place. If you think I'm entertaining in a Creationist viewpoint by pointing these things out, I'm not: because you also have faith that oncoming cars will stick to their side of the road. As far as you're concerned, evidence of all of the above is circumstantial. You have never seen a quark, an atom, DNA, dinosaur or a black hole, you never will, and you don't know anybody who has. They're all based on faith.

Even if you argue that some of that relates to belief rather than faith, the principle stands: we base most of our life on stuff that our minds convince us - or trick us into believing - is so. [When you finish reading this, you might like to check out an article in the Guardian, about a related topic.]

bookNow here's a big thought for you. Long term meditators have a way of seeing through this. Or of having glimpses of what life is like when faith, belief and all mental concepts and constructs are put to one side. Such insights are exhilarating.

I've done a lot of research into this area. They are being covered in the book I'm writing.

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